CLC regards Hobbies and Education as an effective way to explore and promote the hidden talents of the kids. It makes it easier for parents to limit digital media time when their child has a hobby. CLC mission pertaining to the issue is the Identification, development and implementation of the strategies for the intellectual skills development in kids through the provision of recreational and educational activities in the form of hobbies. The goal of the Hobby Development is to create conditions for the intellectual, spiritual and physical development of children and teenagers to develop their skills, interests, social and educational activities. Hobby and Education program helps children to discover their creative abilities and steadily develop skills that will enable them to:
  • Enhance thinking abilities
  • Learn self discipline, patience and practice
  • Foster their interpersonal skills and general personality development.
  • Learn goal setting and decision making
  • Able to choose, decide and bear liability
  • Able to analyze surrounding reality
  • Learn to cooperate
  • Comprehend the importance of knowledge and continuous learning
Hobby and Education support the sustainability of cultural and sports traditions, technological development and environment, as well as the development of regional traditions. Hobby related issues are important because our children today are growing up in increasingly complex. Parents lack effective ways to deal with increasingly challenging situation of preparing children to deal with complex real- world problems. A hobby can develop a unique competence that is often hard to find in school or extracurricular activities.


The Complex is extending courses in the following categories:


General Instructions: 

  1. Select the time interval convenient to you.  There are more than one hobbies offered for each time interval having a duration of one hour. All the hobbies development programs are equally offered to boys and girls (4-14years) of age.  You can select only one hobby from the list of hobbies being offered against each time interval. You can select as many hobbies as you want but offered in different time intervals. Select the hobbies carefully. There is no provision for change of a hobby once the fee is deposited.
  2. Certificate provision for the participants of the hobbies is subject to at least 75% attendance and availability   of pre-test and post test results. All protocols of vigilance are expected to be observed by the children and their Parents for satisfactory service delivery.
  3. CLC-Membership fee for children is Rs. 400/- per child (Rs.200)-as nonrefundable Annual fee &   Rs.200/-as refundable security fee).  CLC is also offering family membership package of Rs.800/-   per family (Rs.500/-as Non-refundable) Annual Fee for children and Rs.300/-as refundable Security Fee).
  4. Hobbies development program fee is Rs.2000 /-(non-refundable) per hobby per child and Rs. 3000 /- non-refundable) per hobby per lady.
  5. 03 days a week training is equal to 36 working days training till 30-12-2018. The fee for 36 working days training is Rs. 3000/- per activity per lady. 
  6. 06 days a week training is equal to 72 working days training till 30-12-2018. The fee for 72 working days training is Rs. 6000/- per activity per lady.

Kids' trainings are conducted 03 days a week and fee for 36 days training till 30-12-2018 is Rs. 2000/- per activity per child.