Art and Craft

The curriculam for Art and Craft includes painting in different media, drawing, cutting and joining things with glue.  The art and crafts work helps to improve the motor coordination in children and help to improve their critical, logical and creative thinking. They find different ways to channelize their energies and to express their ideas.  Art and crafts work develop a sense of responsibility and confidence in kids when they are assigned with the projects, they plan to complete these and ultimately achieve the goal through completion of the projects. Art and craft work can play a major role in community development since it provides a chance to the kids to spend time together and understand each other in terms of planning projects, selection of media of expression and projection of ones ideas about community related problems.  This training also develops a link between present and past and makes children become aware of their own culture & tradition and those of the others and to understand pace of progress regarding different Medias of expression etc. Art and crafts work improves concentration, brain – hands coordination and effective involvement in manual work. Art and crafts work has a positive impact on enhancement of educational achievements of the kids.


Below mentioned are some major aims of the course:

  • Leads children towards creativity development
  • Provides a way for children to express themselves in different ways other than words and actions
  • Develops a sense of achievement and feeling of satisfaction through completion of their projects and lead towards  confidence development
  • Provides an opportunity for kids to spend time together and discuss things of their mutual interest. Hence  art and craft activities are regarded as the community activities
  • Improves concentration  of the children through involvement in project activities that require concentration on one thing at a time
  • Enhances planning skills of the children  through planning of drawing, painting and other activities